Sunday, April 6, 2008


When it's peach picking time in Georgia,
Apple picking time in Tennessee
Cotton picking time in Mississippi,
Everybody picks on me

When it's roundup time in Texas
The cowboys make whoopee
Then down in old Alabama
It's gal picking time to me

There's the bluegrass down in Kentucky
Virginia's where they do the swing
Carolina, now I'm coming,
To you to spend the spring
Arkansas, I hear you calling
I know I'll see you soon
There's where I'll do a little picking
Underneath the Ozark moon.

Now when hard times overtake you,
I hope they don't get me
For I've got a sweetie waiting,
For me down in Tennessee
I know I'm going to see her,
I hope it won't be long
There's where we'll pick a little cabin,
And call it our mountain home

When the pickaninnies pick the cotton,
I'll pick a wedding ring
We'll go to town and pick a little gown,
For the wedding in the spring
I hope the preacher knows his business;
I know he can't fool me
When it's peach picking time in Georgia,
It's gal picking time to me

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